Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My How Your Thinking Changes

when you have a "spirited" two-year-old. I decided last week that I would NOT wait until Sheridan is three to put her in school! Can you blame me? She was so bored at home with me. She already knows all her colors, shapes, some letters, and counts to 20. No wonder she can open "child-proof" locks, climbs cabinets (decorates them too!), gets sticks of butter and eats them, and applies Desitin to her face so she can "shave" like Daddy! You might think I'm exaggerating, and I wish I was! Therefore, I called North Star where Skylar went to school when he was 3, and what do you know, they had one opening! Hurray!!! So, today was her big day. She got out of the car this morning and said, "Let me walk, Mommy." She went right in and never looked back! When I picked her up, she told me everything she had done today. I suppose now I'm just making room for Maritu and Mamush...

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