Monday, September 15, 2008

Life After Hurricane Ike

Where have I been? Well, Thursday we awoke to our local news stations saying that we were now under a mandatory evacuation for Hurricane Ike. I knew that was going to happen. All week the news stations had been reporting that the hurricane was going to hit around Corpus Christi or Brownsville, but if you watched the models on , then you could tell that they were going to be wrong. I think the real reason was that our state spent a lot of money on evacuations for the last hurricane which didn't touch us, so this time we had very little time to prepare, just like Hurricane Rita in 2005.

So, we packed our necessities and headed back to Troup, Texas where we stayed until Sunday. Sunday, we decided that since we had no power where we were, we might as well take our generators and head home where we at least have breathing room. And so now we are just waiting for power, but until then, we use our generators to run the refrigerator, two small A/C units, and our water well.

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Chris said...

Good to hear you all are well and are hanging in there!! If you all need a place to get away to let me know. SA is pretty nice this time of year!!! Hoping and praying for the life to return to normal for you very soon!!!