Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Getaway

Today the family went to Schlitterbahn Water Park on Galveston Island. I so needed to take my mind off of not hearing any news from Ethiopia, but no sooner than we get in the car to leave, I check my phone for messages. To my disappointment, I had none, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Grace via email. Still no news, but maybe something in the next week. Well, we are coming down to the wire on filing a court date. At least I'm not alone, as if that is any consolation, three other families share the same shoes with me right now.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I Have Internet Again

Time Warner Cable is horrible!!! I used to love my Roadrunner service until I started having problems, and I find out that Time Warner has down-sized and out-sourced jobs to Mexico! I've had intermittent connection since April, and everytime I call, they have to send a tech out to my house several weeks later. Then, when my problem is unresolved and I call again, the same thing happens. After the 3rd time, the tech says,"Holly, I know the problem is not in your house, but we have to do this before they'll send someone to check the lines at the street." Oh my! Needless to say, I cancelled my cable and internet service, but now I'm back! Just not back with Time Warner...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

If Only My Tears Could Flood Ethiopia...

If only my tears could flood Ethiopia right now, they wouldn't be having so many power outages, and many more adoptive familes could get through court sooner, not to mention that the rain is needed to grow crops for their sustenance. Why all the tears today? Well, several of our waiting families received snipets of information on our kids from Grace, our International Coordinator extraorindaire through our Yahoo board. Here was my snipet: "Abeti- played soccer the whole time we were there, very sweet gave me a hug. Maritu- looks great smiled at me." Little does my little man know what huge soccer fans we have become via way of his sister. I think he was placed into the right family, and I hope one day I'll hear him say that too. As for little Maritu, I am sure missing those smiles. It's great to hear that she is looking good because she sure needs to catch up! We have about 45 days until the courts close for a couple of months for the rainy season. Please say a prayer for us....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thank You SSSC!

Isn't life funny when you think something so terrible has happened because that is what you see in that point in time, then that terrible thing turns out to actually be something better than you could've imagined? This happened to me once before when my ex-husband left me during my pregnancy with our second child. At that time, I thought the world ended and no one would ever want me at my age with two young chidren, but then a couple of years later walks in Mr. Right. Just think, God sees that big picture while we can only see a small point in time... Thank you God. You are amazing! And thank you SSSC for making poor decisions that led to the break up of our soccer team. Curran has made a gifted team. Her coaches are unbelievable! They seem to be everything that she was not getting at SSSC. They don't have the philosophy that kids at this age can't learn tactics and positions! These coaches stop play when the kids are doing something wrong and correct it, and guide their decisions during play, not just stand on the sidelines and gather a paycheck. All I can say is, "Wow!" Once again, what I thought was so terrible, has turned into a great opportunity.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gulf Coast United

I'm trying not to rant about soccer anymore... So....Curran is trying out for Gulf Coast United Division II soccer team. Since she no longer has a team with Spindletop Select Soccer Club, we have only two choices: 1. Play Division II 2. Drive 2 hours for a Division I team. I have no problem with driving, but since I'm hoping that I'll have Abeti and Maritu home soon, I can't do that and bond properly with the children. So, today Curran tries out for GC United. They seem to be a very good Div II team that maybe should be SuperII, but we'll see...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Future Rock Star

Skylar had his first guitar lesson today. He wants to be a rock star or a professional baseball player.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Rant and Rave

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This is rant-n-rave post just to make me feel better. I hate politics! It's everywhere. I'm ranting about soccer right now... My daughter's team that went to the National Cup and now is ranked 4th in the State, no longer exists! This is insane! "SSSC" decided they wanted to stack a U-11 team for the fall, so our 4 girls that were play-ups are gone. We already knew that 4 were leaving because they either couldn't afford the fees and travel, or wanted to pursue other sports. That left 6 girls. Well one demanded to play up on the U-13 team and got her way, and 1 tried out for a Houston team (Albion) and accepted that position. Now there are 4 of us left... One board member said that we could play 8x8 if we could gather a team. hahahaha! Maybe if we'd have known this was coming! I feel screwed! The worst part in all this is that I've heard very different stories from these parents. Somebody is lying! Why? Last I heard from these parents is that they wanted to stay together. Now some didn't want to stay if our coach stayed. We had many conflicts all year, but why didn't these people use that energy to demand that he be asked to step down? He's a nice guy. He might have willingly stepped down for the "team", and if he wouldn't the worse would be that we might lose 1 girl, not the entire team! Whew!!! I think I'm done now. Well not really. I'd like to rant about people that don't return emails or phone calls, but that's for another day...

Here's a small silver lining... My POA that had to be re-done, has been sent to Ethiopia! Maybe now I'll hear about that court date soon!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Monday, June 9, 2008

We're Back!

In case anyone might have missed my infrequent and boring posts, well this one is for you. We went on vacation! Everyone but our two-year-old Picasso. We flew to Maimi where we boarded a Royal Caribbean ship, then it was off to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. Of course we were miserable during this trip because we have been anxiously awaiting a court date with our agency, we missed our Picasso, and we were eating way too much! I gain weight every time I board one of these ships. I just can't say "no". By the way, I will have to recommend St. Maarten for the prettiest water and best shell-pickin'. It was the perfect place for our family. We love the lazy, laid-back towns where you shop from road-side vendors. My next favorite was St. Thomas. We took the Sky Ride to Paradise point, and that's where the pics were snapped. The view is breath-taking. Also you have to try their signature drink called a "Bushwacker". Yum! Don't get one any where else because you will be disappointed! After that, it was Magen's Bay. I didn't get a picture, but the kids found several starfish in the water! As I said earlier, we were hoping for good news while we were away, so I called our coordinator several times but no news... I wonder what I racked up in International roaming charges? Yikes!