Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pitfalls of Procrastination

So, I've finally decided to update my blog thanks to my sister in Hawaii that keeps reminding me that I haven't posted in a long time. I guess I've just fallen into the pitfalls of procrastination! I don't really have any new news anyway, but in case anyone wants to know what Sheridan has been up to, then have I got a story for you! You see, I got stuck in traffic today on the freeway, and the drive from Beaumont to Vidor usually is about 20 minutes but it took me an hour. So, what's the big deal? The big deal is that we are finding out that Sheridan gets car sick, and today while we were stuck in traffic, it happened. She vomits all over herself, and there was not a napkin to be found in my car, nor could I get off the freeway. Cullen says, "I'll never eat cottage cheese again!" (It wasn't cottage cheese. It was curddled milk.) The smell was so bad! I tried to flag a few cars to ask if anyone had napkins, paper towels, anything, but several people wouldn't acknowledge me. I felt so helpless. Then, this man in a big truck rolled down his window, and he happened to have those really absorbant blue towels that mechanics have. May God bless that man...

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Amazing "Hope" Family

Wow! My husband came home at noon and told me to pack my bags. lol! No, he didn't kick me out, although with all the madness surrounding our adoption, I wouldn't blame him. We went to San Antonio to watch a friend of ours who had a gig at Cowboy's Dancehall and Saloon. I had the most amazing night, but it was before the concert. I called Chris and Renee from my agency, and them and their families met us at a restaurant for dinner. We talked and shared stories for over 2 hours! Our poor husbands! These women are absolutely as beautiful on the outside as on the inside. We didn't do much eating since our mouths were moving the entire time. I can't believe I didn't have my camera. That's so unlike me! Thanks ladies for making time for me!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another child gone!

I sent another child away to camp, but this time it was to Texas A&M University for soccer camp. Curran just loves going there! Anything that will keep her focused into furthering her education is good for me! So, since our drive was through Houston, Kenneth and I decided to stop for dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant. We ate at Addisaba our first time, so this time we wanted to try out Nazereth Cafe. I wasn't the greatest sign when we drove up and the restaurant droor was propped open. We do live in Texas, mind you! I made the comment to my husband that they were preparing us for our trip to Ethiopia. However, we soon learned that they were closed because of the AC problems. I asked him if he could sell us some injera because we were having trouble making it, but we could make everything else. I think he was surprised by our request and started asking me questions which led to the adoption discussion. He seemed very pleased that we chose his country, but I actually think his country chose us! Needless to say, we left with plenty of free injera! We didn't give up on the meal though. We drove a couple of miles further to Addisaba for dinner. We even surprised our waitress with some Amharic...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BigStuf Camp

I sent my teen off to BigStuf camp in Panama City, Florida this morning at 4am! BigStuf is designed to creatively communicate the refreshing Spirit of Christ, the truth of His word, and the difference living for Him can make in our lives. I've heard so many positive things from parents whose children have gone to this camp. It seems teens these days need all the help they can get, and I'm so glad that Netcasters attends this camp! Netcasters happens to be an interdenominational youth ministry that was started by a man that was the youth pastor in my former church. He had a vision for a ministry whose purpose is to impact students by raising them up to be totally devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. Netcasters is not a substitute for the kid's church, but works in conjunction with local churches.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Maritu's First Gift

Last night I dreamt I held Maritu in my arms. Oh the feel and smell of her skin! Why did I have to wake up? So, back to reality... I've been debating on sending Maritu a package because she's too young to know what is really going on anyway, but since I won't have her home for her first birthday, one of our fellow Hope moms is giving her her first package. I sent Miss Maritu a super soft blanket with the sent of my perfume Happy, so hopefully she will recognize me. I also sent a couple of Onsies, a headband, and a small toy. I hope someone takes a pic for me...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stinkin' Thinkin'

Do you suffer from "Stinkin' Thinkin', or do you have a "Winner's mind?" I watched a sermon from John Hagee this morning before church. It gave me some food for thought

7 Principles of a Winner's Mind:

1. Decide what you want.

2. Never be defeated by failures.
-Failure is a great teacher. How many times do you think your're going to touch that burning stove?
-Failure is not fatal, it's just someone's opinion about your achievement. Jesus was considered a failure to his disciples until the day of Pentecost.

3. Don't be crippled by your success.
-Leadership demands constant achievement.

4. Don't be controlled by your fears.
-What you fear will destroy you.
-Jesus' most used words are "Fear not..."

5. Never be mastered by resentment.
-1Thessalonians5:16-18 says that regardless of the circumstances, a Christian always has grounds for rejoicing in the certain future of eternal life with Christ.
-Proverbs 23:7 For as he thinks in his heart, so is he...

6. Don't be consumed by greed.
-1Timothy 6:1-10

7. Find a way to serve.
-Romans 15:1-2

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bittersweet Picture

I received the most beautiful picture from a fellow Hope parent Lisa-Marie that she took when she went to Ethiopia to pick up her children. It had Maritu and Abeti together. They looked absolutely stunning! Abeti did look like he didn't understand, but Lisa had warned me that he was confused about why they were bringing him up to the baby room. Since Amharic is his second language, no telling what was going through that little man's mind! May God watch over him... I finally broke down and cried...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sheridan's New Security System

Yep, you guessed it Sheridan struck again! So, this is where I'm going to put her during her waking hours. You see, she gave me a scare. She climbed onto our kitchen counter (Mind you, the drawers have child-proof latches!), dug in my wallet and decided to play with a quarter. That would have been fine had she just played with it, but this child that has such adversions to food textures in her mouth, decided to try and swallow the quarter. She started choking, and I lost it! All I could think of was that my husband picked a great time to go to AutoZone for an oil filter! No worries! She managed to vomit it up along with some curddled milk!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

God's Timing

It's easy to tell others about "God's perfect timing" until God's timing affects you. At least for me it's hard. I received a call today from Grace. I could tell in her voice that the news wasn't great, so she tells me that they're still having problems with Maritu's paper work, so there will be no July or August court date. I already had guessed that, but she didn't mention our son. I didn't like the answer I was given, but I'm thankful for the information. Hopefully I will know in a few days the outcome, and I'll post about it then.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rhonda's Song

The following song was created by Rhonda, an adoptive mom from my agency. She shared it with all of us that are anxiously awaiting court dates. Enjoy!

"We are mothers hear us roar,
Desperately wanting to knock on your door,
To beg you to please give us our court dates.
Because even one more day seems way to late.

For those of us waiting to pass through court,
We are begging for your immediate support.
We understand you are doing your best,
But with out your ok, well there is no rest.

We love our kids and want them home.
To give them more love than they may have ever known.
We'll feed them, love them, and hug them tight,
Tuck them into bed each and every night.

We understand there are rules you must follow,
But these endless delays leave us quite hollow.
You want the best for our kids, on that we agree.
But we are the best for them, can't you see?

In our arms they will find both Peace & Love,
The kind show to us by Christ in Heaven above.
He will watch over them,this we know.
Just like us, He loves them so.

Until our day comes, we will unite as one
In prayer for good news soon to come.
When one gets approval you'll hear us shout.
Supporting each other is what family is all about.

Until our kids are in our embrace,
We'll stand together in this difficult race.
We will succeed, there is do doubt.
Finding forever families is what we are all about."

Monday, July 7, 2008

Buy This!

I'm shamelessly promoting a friend of our family's new CD. If you like country music, buy "Rollin With the Flow." I love "When You Love Her Like Crazy" because it reminds me of how I feel about my children. "When you love them like crazy, that's what you are..." That is definitely what I am right now!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Scaphoid Fracture

Last night was a long night! Sleep is not easy when your wrist moves. My husband and I got up at 4:30 AM and watched some TIVO'd shows. It's miserable when you can"t sleep. I realized that my wrist was swelling, so I iced it and we took a trip to Beaumont Bone and Joint's emergency clinic. Now it's a confirmed scaphoid fracture. It looks stable, but my hubby warned me that I'll probably still have to have a screw put in it. Of course I had to go and break one of the two bones in your body that have a poor blood supply! So for now, it's a temporary cast until my doctor stops donating to those Vegas casinos.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th!!!



Happy July 4th to everyone, especially to our service men who make it possible for me to blog freely in this country. You all do not go unnoticed.

I hope everyone had a great day! I did if you discount the ending to our day. We took our kids to the deer lease to ride four-wheelers with our friends. They don't have their own because I just think they're too young at this time, even with supervision. Once at the deer lease in the Big city of Evasmell(oops I mean Evadale! That's a local joke because this town has a stinky paper mill.),we packed up cooking supplies and headed to our secluded camp. That's a grueling 45 min. ride. Then talk about eat! We enjoyed sausage and boudain made here locally by the Martel family and way too many snacks. Afterwards, we took another ride to the river to cool off. I guess the exciting part was on the way back to where our vehicles were parked. I was driving up an embankment that included a curve in it when I hit a Cyprus knob with one of my tires which cased my handlebars to jerk just right to make this popping noise. I wasn't sure if that was my hand or my 4wheeler. Needless to say, I didn't make it up the hill. I got off and another guy drove my 4wheeler up. I thought I was okay because my fingers could move, so I just needed to shake it off. Well, hubby caught up with us, but I told him I was fine and got back on until I tried to give it some gas. Guess I wasn't so fine! Then the nightmare begins because my 13 year-old daughter gets to drive me back! Yikes!!! Since it's a holiday weekend, I guess I'll wait until Monday to go to the doctor. I know I live with one, but he has two new radiology techs and doesn't know how to get in touch with either. So, what's a person to do? I don't want to spend 12 hours in an emergency room!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Maritu's First Dolls

Just thought I'd post my daughter's first dolls from her Mommy... These were purchased at .

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This Wait Stinks!

This wait stinks, especially when I hear people that just signed on with my agency that have referrals and court dates... Adoption is not for the weak at heart. There are no guarantees...