Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Something Smells Fishy!

So, we thought our soccer season was over because only the first place team in our bracket advanced to district. We had three games Saturday, but it wouldn't matter if we won or lost. Then, Monday night we received a text from our coach that we had a play-off game Tuesday for 2nd place which also gets to advance. Great, right? No!!! We were in 2nd place. There should not have been a play-off game! We were tied with the 3rd place team in points, but everyone thought we were going by the tie-breaker rules for round-robin play that was listed on the web site which are:

1. Winner of the head-to-head competition
2. Goal differential
3. Goals against
4. Penalty Kicks

This last week, however, we noticed that the web site had changed and it now stated that goals allowed would be the tie-breaker. So, you are thinking we allowed more goals during our games, right? Wrong again! We were still in second place. Somehow our coach learns about a meeting of the board (and 3 of the board members happen to be from the same city as the 3rd place team)and shows up to learn that they decided that the 2nd and 3rd place teams should play a play-off game! Very fishy!!! Especially if I throw in the fact that the other team's coach had an inkling that this was going to happen, but it was kept "hush-hush". If we'd have known, we could have forfeited our first game Saturday which didn't count anyway because it was agains a U-13 team and post-poned our 2nd game, so we could be well rested when we played this team in question! That's what they did. We thought it didn't matter anyway.

It's so hard when you are playing a team with girls and parents that you know. There were two girls on this team that were on Curran's team last year. I'm very vocal at games, but never have said anything against any of these girls. But tonight, I would have stooped to the level of one of those mothers. She yelled a not-so-kind remark about my child, and if I could have thought of something to yell, I admit I would've done the wrong thing in retaliation!

"So, the outcome of the play-off game was a 0-0 tie as all the other times we had played them. We then played 2- ten minute halves to a 0-0 tie, so it came down to PKs. I would have bet my house that we'd have won. We have an awesome keeper, but she missed one...

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