Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thank You SSSC!

Isn't life funny when you think something so terrible has happened because that is what you see in that point in time, then that terrible thing turns out to actually be something better than you could've imagined? This happened to me once before when my ex-husband left me during my pregnancy with our second child. At that time, I thought the world ended and no one would ever want me at my age with two young chidren, but then a couple of years later walks in Mr. Right. Just think, God sees that big picture while we can only see a small point in time... Thank you God. You are amazing! And thank you SSSC for making poor decisions that led to the break up of our soccer team. Curran has made a gifted team. Her coaches are unbelievable! They seem to be everything that she was not getting at SSSC. They don't have the philosophy that kids at this age can't learn tactics and positions! These coaches stop play when the kids are doing something wrong and correct it, and guide their decisions during play, not just stand on the sidelines and gather a paycheck. All I can say is, "Wow!" Once again, what I thought was so terrible, has turned into a great opportunity.

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