Friday, June 13, 2008

Rant and Rave

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This is rant-n-rave post just to make me feel better. I hate politics! It's everywhere. I'm ranting about soccer right now... My daughter's team that went to the National Cup and now is ranked 4th in the State, no longer exists! This is insane! "SSSC" decided they wanted to stack a U-11 team for the fall, so our 4 girls that were play-ups are gone. We already knew that 4 were leaving because they either couldn't afford the fees and travel, or wanted to pursue other sports. That left 6 girls. Well one demanded to play up on the U-13 team and got her way, and 1 tried out for a Houston team (Albion) and accepted that position. Now there are 4 of us left... One board member said that we could play 8x8 if we could gather a team. hahahaha! Maybe if we'd have known this was coming! I feel screwed! The worst part in all this is that I've heard very different stories from these parents. Somebody is lying! Why? Last I heard from these parents is that they wanted to stay together. Now some didn't want to stay if our coach stayed. We had many conflicts all year, but why didn't these people use that energy to demand that he be asked to step down? He's a nice guy. He might have willingly stepped down for the "team", and if he wouldn't the worse would be that we might lose 1 girl, not the entire team! Whew!!! I think I'm done now. Well not really. I'd like to rant about people that don't return emails or phone calls, but that's for another day...

Here's a small silver lining... My POA that had to be re-done, has been sent to Ethiopia! Maybe now I'll hear about that court date soon!

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