Wednesday, June 25, 2008

If Only My Tears Could Flood Ethiopia...

If only my tears could flood Ethiopia right now, they wouldn't be having so many power outages, and many more adoptive familes could get through court sooner, not to mention that the rain is needed to grow crops for their sustenance. Why all the tears today? Well, several of our waiting families received snipets of information on our kids from Grace, our International Coordinator extraorindaire through our Yahoo board. Here was my snipet: "Abeti- played soccer the whole time we were there, very sweet gave me a hug. Maritu- looks great smiled at me." Little does my little man know what huge soccer fans we have become via way of his sister. I think he was placed into the right family, and I hope one day I'll hear him say that too. As for little Maritu, I am sure missing those smiles. It's great to hear that she is looking good because she sure needs to catch up! We have about 45 days until the courts close for a couple of months for the rainy season. Please say a prayer for us....


Leah Reeves said...

Hi Holly,

I read all your posts on the group. I think I will stay quiet for a week or so. I was really just asking for help because that was a horrible accusation. I made a mistake, but sometimes members have a hard time just allowing you to say sorry and move forward.
I so get your last post. If our wait for our child from China was not so long we would not have Gabre. It is all about the big picture.
Hope seems like a great agency, I really thought about going with them. I hope you hear about court soon.


Chris said...

Hang in there! I know Grace and Shim and there crew in ET are working their tails off to get the needed paperwork! I will keep you in my prayers,keep the faith!!
Praying for you to receive good news of a court date in the days ahead!!