Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Embassy Day

So what craziness could possibly happen today? Well, my husband got really sick, and I wasn't sure we were even going to our Embassy date. We think it might have been the fact that he rinsed his toothbrush under the faucet the first day here... Uggh! Needless to say, the vomiting and diarrhea didn't keep him from this very important appointment.

So first we went to Hope's place to pick up the kids, and to my utter dismay, Maritu was not there as planned. She had been taken to the hospital for her sputum cultures. I was instantly worried about how this day was starting! Then, when we get to the Embassy, Donna couldn't find her passport! She thought she had left it in her driver's car, and he had already left! Lucky for her, she found it about 10 minutes later right where she put it...under her carrier!

Okay, I'm getting to the question on everyone's mind, "What's Maritu's status?" Well, the Embassy guy heard what we had to say, and said to get those sputum cultures by Friday morning, and they'll get her paperwork completed! Now, there can be NO mistakes. The Embassy is only open for a half day on Friday, so it's all-or-nothing!


Peculiar Smith Family said...

Still saying my prayers for you! I remember when we were at risk of not getting our kids' Visas in time to fly home as planned. when they handed me those passports with Visa stamps on the Friday of our flights I started crying I was so relieved!

Paula said...

Good luck!!! I'll be praying for all to go well for Maritu on Friday!

Bennett said...

Got my fingers crossed for you....I have said silent prayers all day hoping this time tomorrow you will have great news to share!!

Thank you again for the update on El-Shaday and Helina, it was music to my ears. I can't wait to see those dimples, and To see Helina's eyes pop w/Joy, I think she has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen, but then again I can be bias. :)


waitingarms said...

Praying that all went well with the visa situation and are on your way back home or already stateside!