Saturday, January 3, 2009


Thanks Lee for my new coined phrase...TIA (This is Africa!)! Yes, I have been having a TIA experience, but I did have hot water this morning! Maybe there's no hot water in the evening? Who knows? Anyway, we enjoyed another wonderful breakfast this morning. I just love Ethiopian food. Kenneth said that he could live here. I mean where else in the world can you see goats being herded across a freeway or donkeys carrying large bags of teff? Okay, yes, I know there are other places in the world, but not the USA. I am amazed by the amount of people that are just everywhere on the streets...everywhere! I know Addis is heavily populated, but even in Houston, there just aren't people all over the place. I love the simplicity of life. Maybe one day we will live here or travel here more.

Well, I know I haven't said too much about Maritu and Mamush, and I bet some of you are wondering if we have them yet. The answer is "no". We actually planned on visiting for a few days first, but we have been dealing unexpectantly with TB. Actually, I'm glad I didn't finish this post sooner because I wouldn't want to worry anyone. Evidently, Maritu had primary TB, was quarintined, and has been receiving treatment for a month. She has a clear chest x-ray, but now has to go to the hospital M,Tand W for sputum cultures. If negative on all three days, then we will have our Embassy date on Thursday, and hopefully get the kid's Visas on Friday. Scary, huh? I will tell you that Hope has been very helpful since finding out. No, they had no idea, or we would have put off traveling until this was taken care of, but this is another TIA event. You see, this is very common in Africa... Shimeless ensured us that he is making every effort to let his staff know that this is something that we parents need to know. TB is different here in the US. It's not like a cold, but don't think I'm worried at all. I believe everything will be fine! If this was going to happen to anyone, it's better to have happened to me. I don't think you can truly understand how hard communication is here in Ethiopia, so it's no wonder! The phone system is horrible even if one knows the language!


Bennett said...

wow Holly I am sorry to hear a/b Maritu, I hope the exam comes back negative and I hope you are able to make it to the Embassy and home safely.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful post and updates.


Peculiar Smith Family said...

I'm so glad to know how things are going. I've been following your trip and wondered why you hadn't said much about the babies. I hope Maritu's tests are negative and you have return as planned with your kids. Take care!

Angela said...

Hi Holly,

I following your Ethiopian expedition from Bennett's blog. She was nice enough to introduce me to Hope and we may be adopting through them as well. Wow TB... I also hope the cultures come back negative.

You're right, TB is considered mild from my experience with African patients. I've taken care of a few antepartum TB patients as a nurse. They were very calm about it. I pray the cultures come back negative.

Family of Six: Going To Ethiopia said...

Holly, reading your post takes me back to Ethiopia. I hope everything is well with M's TB screening. I am sending you good vibes!
About the hot water... Our experience was HOT in the morning, NOT at night. And the omeletes, mmmmmmm...


Kim said...

You are sound like you are dealing with this well...I hope baby M is ok....I hope you dont have to leave her there..Please God make this work out Ok. Love you Holly!

p.s thanks for the pillow advice...i take my pillow everywhere anyway..

Love Kim