Friday, January 2, 2009

Finally In Ethiopia!

So we finally made it to Ethiopia! Here are some of my thoughts about the flight... First, I was surprised that KLM's largest plane that we flew on to Amsterdam did not have individual entertainment screens in the headrests. I didn't bring anything to read, so that made for a LONG 8 1/2 hour flight! We found it easy, however, to find our way through the airport to make our connecting flight. I did feel like everyone was staring at me for some reason, and I have to remember to pick up some cow-painted Dutch clogs on our way back for my cow crazed daughter. Getting on our flight to Sudan was madness! The flight was packed, and we had to go through screening again. It just so happens that I got selected for a "pat down". I felt horribly violated! That's just disgusting to have a stranger put their hands all over you, and without going into graphic details, I mean all over you! The last segment of the flight was nice. We did have individual screens that had lots of movies, games, and music. Why not sleep instead? I just can't do it! Also, I forgot to mention that the food was good, but I still think if you can, fly Emirates!

Next comes getting off the plane... That was easy, just time consuming. You are directed where to get a Visa, so no problems there. Then comes customs. That was uneventful too. Of course getting our luggage was crazy, but having brightly colored tags that I purchased from Books-A-Million helped, and we didn't lose a bag! So, all's great, huh? Well, no, not exactly. For some reason our hotel driver decided to leave because we were supposedly late, and we finally took the advice of a guy and took a cab to the hotel for $25! What choice did we have? None! We didn't have a cell phone that worked in country, nor anyone's phone numbers. What a rip off! I hope Bole Rock Guest House makes it right by discounting our room for that amount.

So what's the guest house like? Well, of course, it's not home, but I do suggest bringing a pillow! I'll be much better if I can find one today. Just a warning- there's NO hot water at night. The food is great though, so I'll take what I can get!


Bennett said...

Wow Holly, I am really enjoying your post...I am living through you right now as I try to imagine what it is like over in ET. I wld. ask for that 25 buck discount. I can't wait until you post a/b meeting your son and daughter.....I know you must be excited.


Ali said...

I'm so glad you got there safely!
Thanks for all the insight. It is fun to wonder what it will be like for us when we finally get to go.

Anonymous said...

no hot water oh man that is not good!!!
Enjoy your trip and hope you find a pillow.
Jan 30 K and D court date

Paula said...

Holly, I'm so glad to see you posted from Ethiopia. Thanks for sharing all that information, we hope to be needing that travel info soon. Can't wait to hear about the babies.

Lee said...

SO glad you arrived safely, and sorry you had to have the TIA (This is Africa) experience so soon(no hotel pick-up, no hot water, etc)! And BTW: you flew via Khartoum??! Brave woman! Can't wait to see pics.