Saturday, January 26, 2008

2008 Overall Escapade Winner!

Talk about an eventful day! I signed my son up for baseball this morning, then he went to a hitting camp. My oldest daughter had ballet practice. She is getting ready for her Peter and the Wolf performance. Curran had practice for the talent show. We decided to change the ending back to the original way. I guess we are perfectionists... I will admit that the number was great no matter which ending! Then it was off to the talent show. Let me first explain this talent show. It's called The Escapades. It is a beauty/talent show. The "beauties" are teacher-nominated high school girls, and the talent show participants are any school-aged children. They compete in two different age divisions with each division having 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. The coveted award is the "Overall Award". This show has been going on since my mother was in school! Well, I think all us parents thought our children would place, but we never expected the top award!!! What a night! They were so good! I'm getting chills just remembering their performance. Each girl stepped up to the plate. Move over Broadway, there's a new group of kid's in town!

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