Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Day Two

Today has been a strange experience. I have most of my paperwork ready to be put into my dossier, my INS forms, and for travel...I think! I didn't have a color copy of my driver's license. I'm not sure at this point what that is used for or if it's required, but I decided to get it. Only one problem...I went to several copy shops, and all claimed they either didn't make color copies when their sign stated they did, or they weren't able to copy my license because it would get stuck in the machine?!!? Finally, when I went to OfficeMax, the employee told me that it was against the law to make copies of your driver's license. No wonder I had gotten all of these strange looks! So, my husband calls one of his "police" friends, and he offered to take and copy them for us. At least he knew we weren't trying to defraud anyone!!!

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