Sunday, February 3, 2008

What Superbowl?

There's a Superbowl today? My Cowboys aren't in it, so who cares! I'm too busy freaking out about my dossier list. I don't know if I have it right. I thought it was easy, but so many questions have come up...

Here's my list of Dossier documents:

1. Dossier cover page-notarized
2. Certified copies of birth, marriage, and divorce certificates for you and spouse (not older than 5 years)
3. Copy of most recent tax return with an attached notary letter (just the important pages that tell what you made and what you owe)
4. 3 notarized letters of reference
5. Notarized letter from your employer; or the treasurer, chairman of the board, auditor, or accountant if you own your own business for you and spouse
6. Notarized medical health verification for you and spouse (form letter)
7. Notarized 1 page statement on why you want to adopt from Ethiopia
8. Notarized copy of police clearance for you and spouse (for me, I had to have local and state clearances)
9. Notarized agreement to provide post-placement requirements from HS agancy (This was addressed in my HS, but I had SW print separate page.)
10. Notarized statement that you and spouse will provide post-placement requirements
11. Notarized power of attorney (form letter)
12. Notarized original of home study
13. Notarized copy of HS agency's license (This too was addressed in the HS, but I had my agency print a separate page.)
14. Notarized copy of HS preparer's license (This was in my HS, but I had a separate page.)
15. Notarized bank statement telling how long you've been a member, and account standing. If you are comfortable, you can also include the amounts or an average daily balance.
16. Notarized Child abuse/ neglect clearance from your HS provider (This was in my HS, but my agency printed a copy, added a statement that it was an exact copy of the original document, and notarized it.)
17. Passport photos (do not send to SOS)
18. Hope's License (not notarized! and is in our Yahoo database)
Easy, huh? I'm not finished! All of the "notarized" documents must be sent to the Secretary of State in Texas. If your documents were notarized by someone not in your state, then it has to be sent to the SOS in the state where the notary is registered for authentication. The good news is that Certified birth, marriage, and divorce records do not have to be authenticated at the state level because they are recordable documents. The TX SOS web site has a form to be filled out and printed for each different notary, and there is a maximum fee per child! Oh! Don't forget to make a copy of your dossier! It needs to be sent to Hope. (I forgot because I was so excited to have it done!)

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