Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here We Go!

So, I'm sitting at the airport in Houston, Texas waiting on our plane. I brought my daughter's laptop so I could play on the internet during our wait. I thought that airports had free Wi-Fi, but I was wrong-well, not technically! There is free internet access if you are an elite member of one of the airlines, but I'm just a peon... Thank goodness for my smooth husband because I just found something good about him-no matter what other people say! (I'm just joking!) He did sweet talk a lady in the airport lounge into giving us a password for the British Airways access. So, this is why I'm posting right now. I should be napping, instead of playing on the computer, since I was up packing until 1am! But I only had to rearrange stuff a couple of times, and I only have two regrets:

1. That I had to leave some donations home
2. I didn't get a package I was expecting, so I won't have the Ergo. (I should have just bought one.)

Anyway, I'll manage.... I can't wait to see my children! I also can't wait to travel to one of the newer orphanages. Kenneth said I'll be confined to the car if I dare start having thoughts of another child! lol! Not really! At least he hasn't said that anyway.

Another "must" is finding Sarsina for a fellow Hope family. This family has been through a lot, and I hope I can give them a much-needed lift... I'll post more later...


Peculiar Smith Family said...

You're in my thoughts and prayers! I'm so happy that your time has finally come!

Farrah said...

Oh Holly please try to post when you get the babies...I can't wait!!!!

You have waited on this day long enough!!


Lynn said...

I am going to be watching your blog for updates. I am so excited for you.

Lynn in Doha

Kristine said...

Godspeed, Holly! Go get those babies! :-)

Anonymous said...

yeah have a great time
Tell Kalkidan and Dagemawit we are coming soon...