Friday, April 25, 2008

Finally an Answer

I finally got the answer I've been searching for. I don't know why I kept asking, since I felt like I knew all along. Abeti speaks Oromo. I just thought I had one language hurdle to jump over, but now it's two. I guess for my little man it's even worse because it will be three for him. I hope someone at Hope's place can communicate with him. My heart aches wondering how scared he must be. Well, the good thing I guess is that in his scrapbook that I sent, I had attempted to write some words in Amharic so he'd know who the people in the pictures were, but it's so hard that I was unsure what I had really written. So, if he can't read it anyway, then I've done no harm!

So, this is what my eyes have looked like for the last 5 days. It seems I have had some sinus problems, and the drainage is coming out of my tear ducts, but I'm feeling better each day.

This cartoon was made about mine and my husband's relationship...

But I have to get well... Tomorrow is a big day! I'm taking my daughter to Houston for a soccer game. We are in the middle of the President's Cup tournament. In our age division, the top two teams go to the finals bracket to play the Western Disctrict of Texas. Right now we are in 2nd place, and the big game for us is tomorrow. Then I get to rush back home to make my son's baseball game. After that, the family is going to Crockett Street to watch Zona Jones, Tracy Byrd, and Mark Chesnutt. No, I'm not done yet! Then we are going to a crawfish boil with Mark's family. My girl's think they are so cool for getting to hang out with someone famous, and they each get to bring a friend. Gosh, I think I'd hate that aspect of fame. How do you know when people are your "real" friends? ...

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