Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekends at the Wilgers'

Saturday exhausted me! First, I drove to my daughter's soccer game. After we got stomped 5-0, I made it just in time to see my son's baseball game. They also got whipped 14-0. Ouch!!! After a quick hours rest at home where I caught up on email, our family watched Mark Chesnutt, Tracy Byrd, and Zona Jones on Crockett Street in Beaumont. You'd think that it would all be over then, but no, my children got to ride to a crawfish boil on Mark Chesnutt's bus with his boys. They are cute! (That is per my girls!) The funny thing is that Curran got clostraphobic, and refused to ride on the bus, so we stopped at Sonic because her and I don't eat those nasty creatures! Well, we were wondering if our kids would ever make it to the party, but we soon learned when they showed up that the driver took a wrong turn and ended up in a not-so-great- area!!! One of Mark's boys said that Curran was lucky because she got to go to Sonic... LOL!

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