Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pitfalls of Procrastination

So, I've finally decided to update my blog thanks to my sister in Hawaii that keeps reminding me that I haven't posted in a long time. I guess I've just fallen into the pitfalls of procrastination! I don't really have any new news anyway, but in case anyone wants to know what Sheridan has been up to, then have I got a story for you! You see, I got stuck in traffic today on the freeway, and the drive from Beaumont to Vidor usually is about 20 minutes but it took me an hour. So, what's the big deal? The big deal is that we are finding out that Sheridan gets car sick, and today while we were stuck in traffic, it happened. She vomits all over herself, and there was not a napkin to be found in my car, nor could I get off the freeway. Cullen says, "I'll never eat cottage cheese again!" (It wasn't cottage cheese. It was curddled milk.) The smell was so bad! I tried to flag a few cars to ask if anyone had napkins, paper towels, anything, but several people wouldn't acknowledge me. I felt so helpless. Then, this man in a big truck rolled down his window, and he happened to have those really absorbant blue towels that mechanics have. May God bless that man...

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Anonymous said...

WOW that was a great guy!!!
Poor baby Sheridan :(