Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stinkin' Thinkin'

Do you suffer from "Stinkin' Thinkin', or do you have a "Winner's mind?" I watched a sermon from John Hagee this morning before church. It gave me some food for thought

7 Principles of a Winner's Mind:

1. Decide what you want.

2. Never be defeated by failures.
-Failure is a great teacher. How many times do you think your're going to touch that burning stove?
-Failure is not fatal, it's just someone's opinion about your achievement. Jesus was considered a failure to his disciples until the day of Pentecost.

3. Don't be crippled by your success.
-Leadership demands constant achievement.

4. Don't be controlled by your fears.
-What you fear will destroy you.
-Jesus' most used words are "Fear not..."

5. Never be mastered by resentment.
-1Thessalonians5:16-18 says that regardless of the circumstances, a Christian always has grounds for rejoicing in the certain future of eternal life with Christ.
-Proverbs 23:7 For as he thinks in his heart, so is he...

6. Don't be consumed by greed.
-1Timothy 6:1-10

7. Find a way to serve.
-Romans 15:1-2

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Chris said...

I love the new pictures of Abeti and Maritu together! They are goregous!! I understand the frustration of the wait, but the end result is so sweet! Good things come to those who wait. Just hold on, for they already are your children!!! I can't wait until the day we all have our children home and we get to plan a big TEXAS style reunion!!
Keep the faith!