Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another child gone!

I sent another child away to camp, but this time it was to Texas A&M University for soccer camp. Curran just loves going there! Anything that will keep her focused into furthering her education is good for me! So, since our drive was through Houston, Kenneth and I decided to stop for dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant. We ate at Addisaba our first time, so this time we wanted to try out Nazereth Cafe. I wasn't the greatest sign when we drove up and the restaurant droor was propped open. We do live in Texas, mind you! I made the comment to my husband that they were preparing us for our trip to Ethiopia. However, we soon learned that they were closed because of the AC problems. I asked him if he could sell us some injera because we were having trouble making it, but we could make everything else. I think he was surprised by our request and started asking me questions which led to the adoption discussion. He seemed very pleased that we chose his country, but I actually think his country chose us! Needless to say, we left with plenty of free injera! We didn't give up on the meal though. We drove a couple of miles further to Addisaba for dinner. We even surprised our waitress with some Amharic...

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The Wilkinson's said...

Awww! I did soccer camp at A&M when I was younger! It was great! I know that Curran will love it!
We will have to trek down to Houston to have Ethiopian food with all of our kids, I know your kids are on there way Holly!