Thursday, December 4, 2008

Accessory Navicular Problems

Well, it looks like my children have inherited the genes I didn't want them to get. They could have inherited my brains or determination, but instead, Curran has foot issues. Throughout this soccer season she has complained about her foot hurting, so last week I took her to our podiatrist, and he said she has Accessory Navicular Syndrome. It's not the worst thing in the world, but it will definitely cause her some down time. All it is is an extra bone in the foot. Most people that have that problem never have any symptoms, but Curran does because of the sport she plays and the training involved. So, it looks like Curran's Christmas present will be surgery...

She's not happy because this week she started training with our high school soccer team. The coach wanted Curran to show her lazy girls what an 11 year-old can do, and she's been doing just that! This child has been out running over half the older girls during sprints. The Varsity girls asked that Curran practice with them, instead of the Junior Varsity. Does she feel important, or what?!!?

Okay, I did use the plural form of "child" at the beginning of the post, so now on to the other child. Cullen is having some knee issues. Again, it is just like her mother... Yikes! Sorry girls!

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Paula said...

Holly, I totally understand... both of my girls have had injuries and surgeries for gymnastics. It stinks! Emily is just now recovering from a grade III sprain that is causing her to miss the first part of her final season... sniff, sniff. I'll pray for your daughter to have a successful surgery and be back to full-on soccer in no time!