Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let it Snow!

Today was the easiest day to get the kids out of bed because it snowed! The last time it snowed here was in February of 1988. All the neighborhood kids were outside enjoying themselves at 5 AM! Of course, we Southerners have no clue how to drive in this mess, so all area schools were delayed 2 hours to let the ice melt. As soon as the sun started rising, the snow started melting. My husband said, "Maybe I need to teach Skylar to write his name in the snow..." Just like a man! He got his chance to act manly not longer after that comment when we found a frozen water moccasin on our back porch. I thought, "Oh good. It's dead." But Kenneth told me that it would be revived as soon as the weather warmed up, so we smashed his head. Ewww!

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