Monday, December 29, 2008

I Didn't Fall Into A Black Hole!

I really am alive! You just wouldn't believe how crazy it's been for the last two weeks! So leave me alone Miranda! lol! First, I get this email from our coordinator (Miranda's mother) that our court date has been moved up because of all the Ethiopian and American holidays, but she did say that we could put it off a couple of weeks if we neeeded too. Yeah right! Like I'm not going to hop on the next plane! So, I was then frantically searching for airline tickets where I didn't feel like I needed to rob a bank to pay for them. That's not easy to do! I had gotten a reservation with Tsegaye at Adam Travel, but our return flight was wait-listed. I have heard numerous good things about Tsegaye, but I just didn't want to take the chance of getting stuck in Ethiopia. We do have a business to run! So, we went with a KLM flight through Amsterdam with Golden Rule Travel. Tsegaye was more than willing to help me, but all of this was so last minute. I hated not using him, but if anyone needs his contact info, then email me!

I guess this doesn't sound so crazy, but then I needed to get our travel documents together:

1. I-600 for each child

2. I-864 for each child-notarized

3. DS-230 for each child

4. 3 years of taxes

5. Notarized home study

Then there is Christmas shopping to do! The only one that I hadn't shopped for was my 13 year-old. She said, "Momma, I have everything I need." True, but I had no time to be creative. I didn't want to use my brain! Did I mention I had a birthday too? I really do try to forget those, especially after turning 30!

Then, I had a death in my family... It's not that I was close to the person, but that it brought back memories of my grandparents that I dearly miss! It is still hard to go to my grandparents grave site and it's been 12 years. Lucky for me, I am blessed with a wonderful mother that routinely places flowers on their grave for me for special occasions. However, amidst all this sadness, I received the most wonderful update about Maritu and Mamush from Tammie, a fellow Hope parent:

Holly and Ken Wilgers - Mamush-shoe size between 4-5. Clothing - 12 months. Mamush is very calm and easy-going. He seems very easily entertained with himself....didn't require much, if any, soothing from others. He's got a charming smile and a soft spirit about him. Maritu wears size 6 shoes and size 12-18 months clothing. Maritu is an extremely outgoing child. She's not afraid to let you know with her facial expressions exactly what she's feeling. Her facial expressions are absolutely hilarious at times, while at others it's very, very clear that she's not a happy camper. You'll have no problems at all in telling what she's'll be written all over her face. Neither Mamush nor Maritu are walking. Mamush seems quite content to let things and/or people come to him, while Maritu is all about going to get what she wants when she wants it....and letting you know all about it. She's quite the character! :)


The Coburn Family said...

Have a great trip. I'm so excited for you to bring your babies HOME! Give my boys some big hugs for me!!!

Anonymous said...

Maritu is the same size our Sena was when she came home! Same clothing size and shoe size. I cannot wait to see them in your arms!

Paula said...

Have a safe trip bringing the babies home!

Bennett said...

wow Holly you had lots going on. Happy belated birthday....Can't wait for your return. Happy to see it all came together. Here is to happy and safe travels.