Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh Crap!

Literally! You see, yesterday, I was home with my children working on homework, and Curran comes into the kitchen and exclaims, "What is all this water doing on the floor?" I replied, " That is probably where your sister was cleaning up Sheridan's mess with the popsicle." (Boy, was I wrong!) Curran says, "Mom, that's a lot of water." So I stop what I'm doing and walk around to the other side of the breakfast area, and stopped dead in my tracks! Oh crap! Literally! There was water (and crap) in the guest bathroom, the living room, and breakfast area. I didn't panic though and did know enough to turn off the water under the toilet. Oh my! All I could think of was where do I begin? Thank goodness for the wet vac and my wonderful mom that rushed right over to help me. Okay, so it's not over when the water is gone. I had to clean the tile floors with bleach water, and now we have not only a concrete floor in our master bedroom courtesy of Hurricane Ike, but now our living room carpet is a goner too! On the bright side, it rained, so we didn't have soccer which caused me to be at home and not away for several hours. Now that really would have been a mess!

Here's what my husband said when he came home...

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