Saturday, October 18, 2008

Soccer Saturday

(I guess I should title every Saturday post as "Soccer Saturday" since that is what we do on most Saturdays.) Well, today we had three games. Skylar had a game at 8 AM and 2 PM, while Curran's was at noon. Skylar's first games was with his age appropriate team, and they smoked their opponents 9-0! Skylar scored 3 of those 9 points. Go Sky! Then Curran's game was next,and I thought the game might be a disaster after learning that Curran had been picked on at school by her two friends (They are also neighbors.) about how they were going to whip Curran's team. Curran was also nervous playing against several of her old teammates, but I tried to reassure her to just play her best, and "play her best" she did! Curran kicked a perfect corner kick in the game right to the center of the goal, but sadly her teammates didn't capitalize on it. Curran also had 3 shots on the goal that she missed, but she still looked and felt great eventhough one of her old teammates poked her in the eye... I guess justice was a 4-0 win! So, we pulled off a Wilgers shut out because Sky's U-10 team won also!

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