Saturday, October 11, 2008

So Fun!

Today did not start out well. Curran and Skylar both had soccer games-or so we thought-at the same time. I brought Curran to hers in Port Arthur, and just as I had parked, my cell phone rang:

Me: Hello.
Kenneth: Turn around.
Me: What?
Kenneth: The game was at 8 AM.
Me: Too late, but I guess we'll come watch Skylar now.

It seems that the schedule was changed, but we knew nothing of the sort. Our coach supposedly told the girls Thursday at practice. Curran says she wasn't told anything! Leave info like that to an 11 year-old? Are you kidding me!?! And to call at the time we were supposed to originally be at the field! When we didn't show at 8 AM, I would have thought about calling then! It's not like we have ever missed! This shouldn't happen in the days of email and cell phones... No, I wasn't happy! So, off we go again, but this time to Skylar's game in Beaumont against Spindletop which was his old team, so of course a win would change my spirits. However, when I had gotten to those fields, they were losing 3-0. Finally the boys stepped it up. Skylar even saved a goal that was just in the goal but not enough to cause a score. Our team pulled off a huge win! How's that for Spindletop's top training that you can't get anywhere around here! Congrats to our die hard coach, Katie Davis!

After a couple of hours rest, we loaded up the family and drove to Houston. We met at the Blue Nile restaurant with other families that have or will have adopted from Ethiopia. It was so much much fun, but a little wild. Ethiopians do not bring their young children out, so hopefully we didn't upset any that might have been dining at the same time. My only regret was not having enough time to really get to know everyone. All the children were absolutely beautiful! A big "thanks" goes to Debbie who coordinated this event and thanks to Blue Nile for having us! The food was the best! As you can see in the pictures, Skylar had Whataburger. He did try injera though...

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