Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some Good News

Sometimes you have to look deep to see something good, and today Grace told me that Mamush's papers were ready! Yea! We could actually file for a court date; however, Maritu's are not. It seems there is some progress with hers though. Grace said we'd talk next week after she talks to Hope's Ethiopian workers, and I hope we'll know more then. Kenneth and I were hoping to travel once, even more so now that we have evacuated for two hurricanes! It's tough being self-employed... We will make the best of this situation... I really want them to come home!


Lisa said...

Hey Holly!

I sure hope this is the beginning of some GOOD news for ya! You sure deserve it and I can't wait until it's finally your turn!!!

The Coburn Family said...

Yay! That is great news. I can't wait to hear great news about Maritu's papers too!

Kristine said...

FINALLY some progress forward for you. YEA!!!