Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh the Joy!

Oh the joy I get in hearing snipets of info on Maritu! Yesterday Nikko asked, "Holly, did you see the video clip I took of Maritu on our YouTube site?"

(Maritu was a sleeping angel...)

Today, Lisa W. sent me a pic of the little angel sitting up so big! She said, "Maritu looks GREAT, she is a cutie pie... they put her in the corner crib nearest the window which was Zaela's!"

Chris, my friend from San Antonio said this: "Hi Holly!!

I just have to say, it's a good thing our hands were full with Sof and
Helena, because Maritu is a keeper!!! She is so sweet and looks so
healthy!!! She is absolutely beautiful. Her eyes are truly captivating!!!
I snuggled with her right before she went down for a nap! You are going to
be in heaven with her!!! I have a picture of her and I will upload it
soon!! You have been in my thougths and prayers!!! I will call you when we
are settled for sure!!



(I am amazed at how fast she is growing. Just one more month of court closure to endure, then hopefully I'll get a court date!)

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