Thursday, August 28, 2008

To Pack, Or Not To Pack?

That IS the question our family is pondering. Yes, we have to make a judgement call by tomorrow because we have a soccer tournament in Houston this weekend. Those that hold those tournaments do NOT want to lose money, so they could care less if our team might be subject to an evacuation. Three years ago we evacuated for Hurricane Rita. We drove to my aunt's house about 3 hours north of us. It took us over 7 hours to get there. My husband who stayed in town a few more hours to get someone to cover his hospital patients suffered from a 12 hour drive! You just wouldn't understand unless you've actually been in this situation. Him, my father, and my uncle also drove back the day after Rita hit to clean out our refrigerators and freezers. Just think of the people that didn't return for a couple of weeks what they found in their refrigerators and freezers... YUK! We also returned home a week later and lived in 90 degree Texas heat with no electricity for two more weeks. Just imagine the devastation we encountered as we got closer to home. Trees down everywhere! The landscape as you knew it was forever changed. And we didn't suffer as badly as others...


Ali said...

I understand your pain about hurricanes. We moved here from South Florida! I have been through so many hurricanes that I stopped counting. We are much further inland now though, so I'm thankful for that. I am praying that it will do a little u turn and go to sea. You never know. Or that we will get a nice cold front to go with the power outages.
=) Ali

Chris said...

Holly .
Thinking and praying for you .
Please update when you can .