Thursday, August 14, 2008

Word From Ethiopia

I heard from Jaclyn today. Hear is what she said," I held Maritu for a long time the other day. The boys had taken off with my camera and so I didn't get a picture of me hugging on her yet but she was so lovey. She loved the snuggles and when I had to put her down she burst into tears. It broke my heart. You will be snuggling her soon. Maybe we will be coming at the same time to get our babies!!"

She's craving attention... We'll be there soon Maritu!


Anonymous said...

Holly.. just getting to catch up on some blog reading. I am so sorry about your little boy. How sad you must be!

In happier news, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your baby girl. I hope that she is soon in your arms!

SisterMom said...

Is there a full moon or something? Is Sheridan acting horrible? Addis has no less than: crawled into the tub and cut herself with a razor, slammed her hand in a door, hit herself in the face with a fly swatter, spilt a glass of water all over her then broke a glass, ran into a door and bit her tongue all TODAY all while having an ear infection. Im sure there is more but she just fell in the dog water. Oh joy

Holly Wilgers said...

lol!!! I'm so glad other people know what it's like to have a "spirited" child!

Nikki said...

Aww, so sweet!

Nikki --> my Ethiopian mission